Monday, 10 April 2017

Complex Solutions - Simply Sold

By Lee Prior

“I know enough about technology to know that I don’t know enough.” That’s what I often hear myself saying when faced with a technical question that exposes the limit of my knowledge. It’s a flippant comment that most times will buy me the breathing room I need to look up the subject matter and return with a full answer a little while later…That’s fine for me I’m in marketing, but a sales person faced with a call or presentation where they are expected to have all the information to hand in order to secure the deal doesn’t always have that luxury.

This came into sharp focus when I attended an HPE Sales training session and was amazed at the level of technical expertise required to deliver an effective solution – I’d always known it was complex of course, but seeing it with my own eye somehow made it the more real.

The terms I use on a daily basis…Hybrid IT, Mobility, Convergence, Composable Architecture, they all fell into place in a way that if I’m honest they hadn’t done before, and it was down largely to the nature of the explanation. It was simple and straightforward, untangling the ferret’s nest of relationships in my head so that there were direct lines from point A to point B and onwards until the solutions formed a coherent pattern, to the point where even I felt as if I would be able to identify where a potential clients needs sat in the new world of IT solutions.

I decided almost immediately that I needed to share this information as it demystified the logic behind technology in a way that would empower those at the coal face by giving them a frame of reference, a context for how the solution fits the problem…

Here’s what we came up with – The Westcoast Accelerate Videos. They are three whiteboard style training videos that highlight the SELLING points for Hybrid IT, Mobility & Security and Services & Support, each is around Ten minutes long and will leave even those that “don’t know enough” with a solid foundation of understanding.

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