Thursday, 20 April 2017

Why it’s time to move to the new 7th Gen Intel Core Processors

It’s difficult to remember a time when Intel wasn’t top of the class for processors, but one thing is for certain: this hasn’t been achieved through resting on a brand name. Instead, each new generation of Intel processor brings with it both subtle and sizeable improvements on the previous year’s tech, while OEMs make sure that their next line of flagship devices launch with the processors firmly positioned front and centre on the spec sheets.

It’s easy to see why. The new Intel chips cater to a wide audience, with features aimed at business users, content creators, and gamers alike. As you’d expect, on a top-level the new processors are significantly faster than their ancestors, with the desktop variations outstripping its predecessors by 20%, but this only scratches the surface of the improvements.

Working in tandem with Windows 10 and McAfee, the 7th Gen CPUs have also got new security features hammered down to a hardware level, providing a solid foundation when it comes to increasing security across an entire workforce. For the creative user, the new chips promise a subliminally smooth experience when watching and editing 360° video, while gamers benefit from markedly better visuals than with the previous generation.

It’s all well and good Intel bringing their A-game to the table, but this means nothing unless devices are packed with other high quality components that can make use of the new power that’s available. Enter Lenovo and HP, who have both brought some formidable contenders that take full advantage of the new Gen 7 processors.

Leading the charge from Lenovo is the ThinkPad T470s and the ThinkPad 13. As well as an all-day battery life, both of these laptops also boast SSD storage, making them extremely quick off the mark when it comes to booting up and accessing files.

Elsewhere, HP have updated some of their ProBooks with Intel’s 7th Gen processors, as well as their HP EliteBook 840 G4. All of these laptops have 4GB of RAM as well as 500GB of storage, so there’s no need to worry about running out of space. 

All of the HP and Lenovo laptops also feature Windows 10 Pro, which brings with it its own set of unique features tailored around business users. First and foremost, only Windows 10 Pro makes it possible for users to join a corporate network, which is essential for business users. The OS also features BitLocker Drive Encryption as a huge security benefit to protect files from being opened by those who shouldn’t have access. Last, but certainly not least, there’s the ability to install apps across the whole workforce with a few clicks thanks to the increased functions of the included Windows Store.

The combination of a new Intel 7th Gen processor with a HP or Lenovo laptop running Windows 10 Pro creates a slick, versatile experience that takes the tools that you’ve come to take for granted and turbo charges them to a new benchmark for IT. If this sounds hyperbolic, just try one of the new processors. You’ll never want to go back to your old workstation again – and neither will your customers.

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