Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Why you need Parallels in your Product Portfolio

Parallels Guest Post

You might not be aware, but here at Westcoast we’re quite picky when it comes to taking on new vendors. You see, we don’t believe in being a jack of all trades – instead, we prefer having a tailored line up of vendors that we can give our full support to from a Reseller perspective. Our work with Parallels is a perfect example of this.

We knew from the beginning that Parallels Business Solutions offered value from a reseller-perspective. They open up a new source of revenue – making Microsoft licensing relevant to Mac customers, while also enhancing service offerings by making it possible to manage Macs and PCs through a single pane of glass leveraging the Microsoft SCCM environment.

The two products that make this possible are Parallels Desktop Business Edition, and Parallels Mac Management Plug-In for Microsoft SCCM. With the former, you can run Windows on your Mac in a virtual environment, whereas Parallels Mac Management is a unique plug-in to Microsoft SCCM which lets you control and standardise all of the PCs and Macs in your workforce, no matter how many there are. The ease of scalability and the fast ROI make it an easy decision for enterprises that are looking to bring their Macs under control.

There is growth to be had in the Mac market in enterprises too, thanks to bespoke configs through CTO, and impressive ROI from the high residual values that Macs attract. As a bonus, growth through Microsoft’s SCCM platform is only going to increase now that it’s available through Azure.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Parallels, then our upcoming free webinar will be vital to attend. It’s being held on the 27th of April, and will cover both Parallels Desktop Business Edition and Parallels Mac Management. More details can be found here. You can also get downloadable marketing collateral on Westcoast’s Enablement Zone, as well as free rebrandable Parallels collateral on our rebrandable marketing portal.

As I said earlier, Westcoast is very selective when it comes to selecting new vendors. But this is also why we’re market leaders with the ones that we do choose to distribute. We have a large highly skilled Apple Team, helping with everything from support to achieving Apple Authorised status. Elsewhere at Westcoast, the ever-expanding Microsoft Team can help resellers maximise the licensing opportunity thanks to their extensive training in products and the latest Microsoft initiatives.

No matter what your experience is with Parallels, you can get the full experience with Westcoast. Keep in mind too, that Parallels Business Solutions are available as a yearly subscription, and this creates a pipeline for continued business year after year.

To find out more about Parallels, register for the webinar or give us a call on 0118 912 6000. The main Parallels blog can be found here

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