Friday, 28 April 2017

New AMD Radeon Pro Range Smashes Limitations and Empowers Designers

AMD Guest Post 

AMD has refreshed its line of GPUs, meaning that the FirePro series is no more, and the Radeon Pro is the new king of the workstation. You can’t claim the throne without power though, and the new set of Radeon Pro graphics cards have brought along some considerable improvements that promise to keep design professionals well equipped for future developments in the industry.

The Radeon Pro WX 4100 has been designed as an answer to the ongoing office battle for space-saving solutions, and at half the size of a standard graphics card it’s perfect for the small form factor workstations that are rising in popularity. Don’t let its miniature size fool you though – with up to 2.4 teraflops of compute performance it’s got more than enough power to hold its own.

Sitting at the top end of the spectrum is the Radeon Pro WX 7100. Touted as the most powerful single-slot workstation GPU by AMD, this card has been developed with future-proofing in mind, and so it can deal with the high demands of VR work while making CAD and CAM work a breeze. Along with 8GB of extremely quick GDDR5 memory, the WX 7100 boasts a colossal 5.73 teraflops of compute performance, which allows designers to make unique and intricate designs without having to worry about stutter or crashes.

Paired with some of HP’s most powerful workstations, the WX 7100 promises to deliver a consistently high performance for designers at the top of their game that need the right equipment to complement their skills. In particular there are three HP workstations that go hand in hand with the WX 7100 out of the box: the Z240 (J9C07EA), the Z440 (T4K77ET), and the Z840 (T4K32ET). As well as being compatible with the WX 7100 physically, all three of these devices also have top level specs of their own, because there’s nothing worse than installing a top of the range part only to discover that there’s a bottleneck elsewhere that’s holding up the newly added power.

The new AMD Radeon Pro range is available at Westcoast now, so make sure you get in touch to find out the right model for your requirements, as well as for support in configuring a full solution.

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