Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Introducing Westcoast Financial Services – end to end B2B financial and asset management solutions.

It’s been 2 months now since I joined Westcoast and I feel like my feet haven’t touched the ground! My background includes roles within GE Capital Bank and HPE Financial Services. In fact during my time at HPE I dealt closely with Westcoast and so when I was offered a role to head up strategy for Westcoast Financial Services, I jumped at the chance.

Over the last 2 months I have been busy meeting customers, understanding their needs for finance and helping to drive both higher attach and enrichment to their go to market. And we’re now in a great position with our own go to market.

In the IT industry the one constant is change and Westcoast have always been the pioneering distribution business which delivers both innovation and solutions to resellers and customers alike. In a recent survey of top IT procurement professionals, 93% were clear that a pay per month option was a critical factor taken into account when deciding where to source IT solutions for their business.

Over the past few years, we have all seen a shift in the dynamics of end user requirements in the IT procurement process, not only driven by budgetary constraints which tend to drive a race to the bottom in pricing, but also in the lifecycle approach to the acquisition, use and retirement of technology. 

End users are becoming less resilient to change and more than ever, require all of our help in driving the investment capabilities and scalability in both client device, infrastructure and printing solutions.  

Westcoast have always been at the cutting edge, never afraid to innovate and drive change not just in line with market needs but also forecasting future market and customer requirements. People, automation and innovation are critical to ensuring we future proof both our valued reseller community but also to ensure that we help end users avoid heavy costs of managing aging IT equipment. As we all drive the move to the next technology platforms, this is the only way they will be able to compete, remain relevant, be agile and outperform their competition – the future belongs to the fast.

Westcoast are moving at pace to drive this change and to build a solid platform for not only the top tier resellers, but all channel partners, enabling them to have access and leverage to the very latest in competitive pay per month offerings and asset management solutions. Key focus areas will be Bundled solutions to include hardware, software, services and other costs, Service providers and System Integrators.  

Westcoast Financial Services already have some extremely strong models and capabilities across its portfolio and the evolution of the business will see more automation and innovation over the coming months and years. 

To enquire further or for support on your next opportunity, please email sell-out and customer details to or take a look at the website here.

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