Thursday, 2 March 2017

Microsoft Dynamics 365 (On-Premises) Licensing Update

Microsoft Dynamics 365 (On-Premises) is the replacement to Microsoft’s CRM On-Premises solution, available through Open Licensing, Open Value, OVS and OVS-ES. There are various options available, and a customer can start with one plan and move to new plans as and when they need extra capabilities. The licences come with renewable software assurance, which gives the customer a range of benefits such as new version rights, planning services, 24x7 phone and Web support, training.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 (On-Premises) has downgrade rights to Dynamics CRM server, so if a customer isn’t ready to move to the latest version they can still use the previous one. For government or academic customers that have an existing contract, the older versions are still available to purchase until the end of June 2017.

Dynamics 365 Online is Microsoft’s hosted option and is available through the CSP program-this blog will focus on the on-premise solution available through open licensing.

Microsoft define two types of users: Full users and Light users.

Full users are the users whose work requires use of the feature-rich business apps. Examples of full users are sales people or customer service representatives. These would take the customer services and/or the sales CAL.

A typical light user would consume data or reports from line of business systems and complete light tasks like updating account or contact information. They would be licensed with a Team Members CAL.

Compared to the more familiar ‘Server & CAL’ licensing model, Dynamics 365 (On-Premises) only requires CALs. We need to license each user or device with a CAL. In doing so, the rights to install the server application on as many servers as they like is included. If a user is accessing the server with multiple devices, we should license them with a user CAL. If multiple users access the server with a single device, then we should license using a device CAL. You can mix user and device CALs if it suits the environment.

The above is for internal users, however an external user (not an employee, contractor or agent of the customer or its affiliates) does not require a CAL.

Here is a simple comparison between the CAL options:

Dual Use Rights
If a customer would like to have a mix of on premise and online software, they can use their Dynamics 365 User Subscription Licences bought through CSP on a monthly subscription basis, in place of a CAL. This will give them the equivalent rights to the on-premise CAL and can be used as a licence for a user connecting to an on premise Dynamics 365 server, as well as for Dynamics 365 online.

If a customer is transitioning from Dynamics CRM, the suggested transition paths available are below. For full functionality of the Pro and Basic CAL, the customer would need the customer service and the sales CALs, but can choose to take just one if only that functionality is required.

More details about licensing, transitions and features are available from the Licensing Team. Contact, 01189126088. 

We also have Dynamics 365 rebrandable marketing available on Westcoast’s Rebrandable Marketing Portal. 

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