Wednesday, 22 March 2017

LEAP: Sell, Learn and Earn with Lenovo

Most loyalty programs deliver benefits to users but many can seem a little short of the mark. Lenovo were intent on developing a rewards system that loyal sales reps could really get some benefit from.
The Lenovo Expert Achievers Program (LEAP) is the end result and it’s helping the company’s enterprise partners and employees to develop the vital skills that enable them to become more productive and earn better revenues.

What is LEAP?

It’s a rewards programme aimed at frontline sales staff and technical sales personnel who are employed by Lenovo Enterprise Partners.

Sales staff not only get the great rewards you might expect from a major player in the tech market, but also access a host of online tools and resources designed to boost knowledge, develop that competitive edge and improve productivity in the current market place.

LEAP was built from the ground up and designed to benefit all the company’s enterprise partners. To date that means some 8,000 participants in 1,800 companies across the globe are enjoying the benefits of this highly-focused reward scheme.

Registering for LEAP is easy and gives participants access to great new information and exciting ways to sell the company’s products. You’ll find tailored, bite-size modules that are designed to improve your sales skills and help you get a whole range of rewards. It’s not just individuals who benefit either, participating enterprises themselves can get a lot out of LEAP.

What Are the Benefits?

When a company joins LEAP, they get to use Lenovo LEAP Enterprise logo on their literature and website. Why is that important? Lenovo is a highly-respected, worldwide brand and including their endorsement has been shown to add strength to existing brands. Joining LEAP also gives you access to valuable enterprise development funds as well as the chance to develop marketing campaigns alongside Lenovo.

Add to this the clear rebate structures available to participating businesses and access to the latest information and teaching tools through the LEAP portal and there are a lot of benefits aimed at businesses. 

But what about the individual employees themselves?

Sales reps can earn points in two main ways – by selling products and by taking part in the bite-size modules. They can also earn extra points by taking part in special promotions.
Those collected points can then be exchanged for rewards such as the MasterCard gift card. Lenovo have also put in a concierge service so if you want to build reward points for a certain product or luxury item then they can do that for you through their expert team.
LEAP is not a programme designed to stand still either. It’s developing all the time, providing benefits for enterprises and employees alike, broadening the range of rewards that everyone can receive. Access is as easy as logging onto the portal and taking advantage of the latest learning modules.

If you want to improve your sales technique with Lenovo, take advantage of some great rewards, and boost the visibility of your enterprise, then signing up to LEAP is the perfect solution. If you’re not already a Lenovo Business Partner, then don’t worry.

All you need to do is sign up here: 

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