Thursday, 9 March 2017

You Can’t Sit Still In Business…

Fellowes Guest Post

Oh woe is us! An obesity ‘epidemic’ is sweeping the country! Cholesterol is sky-rocketing! Cheese, beer and chocolate just taste too damn good! And we’re all going to die of diabetes! The children! Won’t somebody think of the children?!?!

It seems that we just can’t move for advice about things that are bad for us these days; even over-browned toast comes with a health-warning. But you know, the real problem for most of us is that we’re just not moving… Although, admittedly, that’s mainly through laziness rather than being hemmed in by advice. However, that’s not always due to lifestyle choice.

We spend, on average, one third of our life at work. Add in commuting time, which for most of us involves driving or a form of public transport, that’s roughly another 10 percent of our day. When you put those two figures together, it means that a typical office worker is spending 50-60 hours per week sitting down, and that’s even before you’ve factored in the new series of the Walking Dead and boxset binges tying us to our sofas every evening. 

So, the plain fact is that as a business owner YOU ARE KILLING YOUR STAFF!
… OK, so we might be over-stating it just a smidge, but did you know that prolonged sitting has been linked to high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol? Or that two hours of sitting cancels out the benefits of 20 minutes of exercise? Or, on a slightly less altruistic note, people who exercise tend to be more productive at work, with a higher degree of concentration and improved mental health.
While, alas, we do still need to work, one way to help your team and your business is to employ standing desks.

Now yes, of course we’re going to say that because we flog them, but there really is truth behind it. Scientific research has shown that you burn 30 percent more calories when you are standing rather than sitting – this means healthier staff, fewer sick days, and an excuse to eat more cake. Add to that, workers with standing desks have been shown to increase productivity in the workplace by a whopping 46 percent, and while we don’t condone workplace exploitation, you have to admit that that does sound rather good.

Fellowes sit-stand workstations can be seamlessly integrated into any office situation, helping both your team and business to be their best. They’re so good that they should probably be available on prescription!

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