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Why should your customers use Brother Genuine Supplies over compatible, non-genuine supplies?

Brother Guest Post

Brother Genuine Supplies deliver unrivalled print quality, superior reliability and reduced downtime and wastage. Westcoast resellers can cut the cost of printing while still getting the truly professional finish both them and their customers business deserve.

In this article, Louise Unsworth, Business Unit Manager Consumables for Brother UK, responds to some frequently asked questions from our resellers.

How can dealers save their customers money by recommending Brother Genuine Supplies over compatible, non-genuine supplies?

The starting cost of Genuine Supplies can be off putting for customers and they can often be tempted by the lower cost of non-genuine supplies. But there are ways you can save your customers money:

You can recommend Super High Yield (or even Ultra High Yield) cartridges over Standard Yield cartridges. On average Super High Yield toners have 400% more ink / toner than Standard Yield cartridges* and can save customers up to 45% over the lifetime of their printer**.

Brother’s award winning support centre are on hand to support, leaving you free to run your business. In the unlikely event that they encounter any problems, Brother will support your customer to make sure their printer is up and running straightaway.

Why should customers be using Brother Genuine Supplies over compatible, non-genuine supplies?

1.       Print quality - 70% of prints produced by non-genuine supplies were poor quality and would need to be re-printed.***
2.       Reliable page yield - Brother Genuine Supplies are six times more consistent so if they say you will get 8,000 pages from a cartridge you will.***
3.       Less damage to your Brother printer – Non-genuine supplies have been responsible for damaged fuser units, increased paper jams and damaged sensors not recognising inserted new cartridges.
4.       Your warranty could be void – If the printer needs to be fixed by our trained engineers and we find you have been using non-genuine supplies the warranty could be void. This could result in a large bill to repair or replace the Brother printer

Be sure that when considering Brother for your supplies/print business, you and your customers benefit fully and only trade in Genuine Brother supplies from Westcoast. With a dedicated account manager and customer services account manager for every customer, you can be guaranteed the best service from Westcoast. Call your account manager now or visit our website for more information.

*Based on the L8000 Colour Laser Series, TN321 vs TN-329
**Based on Brother’s L8000 Colour Laser Series. Cost per page: • TN-321 Standard yield toners – 5.03p per page • TN-326 High yield toners – 4.08p per page • TN-329 Super high yield toners – 3.45p per page
*** QualityLogic Laser Toner Quality/Reliability/Yield Study 2011

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