Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Increase your sales margin with one simple tactic..

Guest post - Accessorise with Westcoast

As anyone in the sector will know, the tech market is a competitive one. While this is obviously good news for the consumer, for the reseller it can present certain problems; the most apparent and pressing being falling margins. Margin on any piece of technical hardware is almost always slim, so how do you generate the profit you need to keep your business not just surviving, but thriving? If you’ve not worked it out already, our secret weapon comes in the form of accessories.

Computers, tablets, scanners and printers are expensive to buy generally because they’re expensive to make and what profit there is to be gained will largely be creamed off the top by the manufacturers, but accessories, they’re another story. Often costing mere pennies to produce, the mark-up on accessories is frequently in the hundreds of percents, so even when selling with a discount you’re quids in. Needless to say, making the business proposition incredibly appealing.

Now, we’re not ones to be teaching our grandmothers to suck eggs (and we’re not sure why she’d want to learn anyway!), but the opportunities for adding value to every tech sale is phenomenal. If tablets, laptops and smartphones make up part of your inventory, you’d be mad not to offer protective cases, docking stations, headsets, mice, ink devices and chargers. If you primarily focus on PCs and laptops, then you have a wealth of sync cables, privacy filters, bags, cases and ergonomic desktop goods to offer. And the best thing is that with accessories there is literally something new to add to your stock sheet every day.

Take the new Belkin Charge & Sync cables for example; super-fast and flexible, there’s a cable to answer practically every requirement when you’re selling a PC, tablet or mobile device, from multi-device in-car chargers, to USB-C links which can be used upside-down as well as right-side-up. Along with boosting your inventory and enhancing your profits, accessories deliver real value to your customers; what more could you really want?

If you’re new to the accessories game and are looking for inspiration for new products to sell, check out the Westcoast Accessories Showcase.  Each one-two minute video provides an introduction to some of the leading brands from the world of tech accessories, letting you know what’s available and what benefits the new products could bring to your customers.

As Heidi Klum once said; ‘My motto is to go wild on the accessories…’ and we can’t help but agree, although she may have been speaking about shoes and handbags!

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