Wednesday, 17 August 2016

No more content brick walls - Content rich ideas to make social media planning easy.

By Jess Tyley

Content planning doesn’t have to be a headache. You can create diverse content across different formats and platforms by starting with a topic and chopping it into different formats and mediums. For example start with a blog. The most interesting and engaging blogs are usually easy to read, so ‘Top 10 ways to’ or ‘5 easy steps to’. This type of blog lets the reader know that the content is short and snappy and they can get to the bits relevant to them quickly.

From there you can start to plan out your content structure. So from your blog content you might make a video which is educational or where you feature customer testimonials. Using your testimonials you could compose some visuals for twitter posts or an infographic explaining the learnings from you video.

With that one piece of content you can end up with more than enough content across a range of content formats for your marketing campaign!

Use our infographic below to easily  plan our your campaign content strategy!

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