Thursday, 4 August 2016

The New Fujitsu fi-7030 - The Perfect Cure For Medical Professionals

Product Review

Constantly under heavy scrutiny over costs and proficiency, healthcare organisations such as hospitals, GP surgeries, dental practices and physiotherapies now, more than ever, require effective document digitising solutions to manage the vast amounts of content that flows through the enterprise. And we think that the Fujitsu fi-7030; which is designed for super-fast, high quality document replication, is one such solution.

But what is it about the Fujitsu fi-7030 that make our hearts beat a little faster? Well, aside from the fact that we’re avowed tech nerds, there are few who wouldn’t be impressed by this scanner’s processing performance; it’s capable of handling 27 pages of text (simplex), or 54 images (duplex), PER MINUTE. An increase of 35% compared to the previous model. This scanner will not make you or your customers wait with a quick startup time of half a second and a recovery time of 1.0 seconds after resuming from sleep mode.

Then you have the surprising versatility; many similar-speed scanners are extremely limited as to the medium they can cope with, while the fi-7030 can happily deal with embossed card up to 0.76 mm thickness, it can also get to grips with up to 50 sheets of A4 in one go. When it comes to expediting patient admissions, duplicating records in line with HIPAA guidelines, and updating data repositories, that’s certainly not to be sniffed at. Add in the fact that the device also supports long document (up to 5.6 m/18.3 feet) scanning, as well as sticky notes, taped receipts, and labels while securing against multifeeds, and you have yourself a bit of a winner.

Now, we do realise that not everyone is super techy as we are and all those specs could make customers feel a little queasy. So, simply put, there are 2 main reasons why we think that the fi-7030 and Fujitsu document digitising solutions can contribute to the well-being of medical practices and their respective patients:
  • Attaining business process agility that can lead to productivity gains and cost savings.
  • Having faster access to patient information, potentially leading to improved patient outcomes, better patient engagement, and better access to critical information across the care continuum.

So, would a scanner by any other name perform so sweetly? We think that the Fujitsu fi-7030 could be the perfect cure for the medical profession.

The Fujitsu fi-7030 is available from Westcoast and can be purchased here

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