Thursday, 19 January 2017

The business case for Hybrid IT – Selling Hybrid IT effectively

Hybrid IT is all the rage in the IT world right now but what exactly does the term Hybrid IT actually mean?

Hybrid IT is the magic recipe for the perfect 21st century IT solution, and the ingredients are the right mix of private cloud, public cloud and traditional IT.

The recipe however is different for every organisation, and the only way to ensure you end up with the solution you need is to build it using HPE products backed up with the services and support of their largest and longest serving Value Add Distributor in Westcoast…That’s what the blurb from our new Ignite website says about Hybrid IT, and as descriptions go it’s not a bad one. But we thought we needed to give it a little more depth.

The problem is that it’s quite tough to talk Hybrid IT without a common frame of reference so we asked Antti Hemminki, Evolearns’ star turn and a man with a unique ability to make the complex simple, to help us out and the result was a training video on what Hybrid IT actually is and, more importantly, how IT Service providers like you can position their proposal to be most effective.

I won’t try to explain the message he delivers as I’d do it very badly. Instead I’ll simply invite you to click, watch, learn and have your own Eureka moment as you realise the potential Hybrid IT has for both you as a Service provider and your clients.

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