Thursday, 26 January 2017

The HP Elite Slice: Have Your Cake and Eat It

It’s easy to feel a bit sorry for the state of the humble desktop PC. Having been around for years, the reliable boxes have been getting steadily eroded by the laptop and all-in-one market as technology has progressed. That’s not to say that desktops have been getting left behind entirely: indeed, the modern desktop of today is noticeably smaller than its towering ancestors, and of course significantly more powerful. Still, in a world where we’re seeing laptops with three screens built-in, it can feel like the days of desktop innovation have all but vanished. That is, until you see HP’s latest offering.

The Elite Slice is the smallest desktop HP have ever released at just 6.5 x 1.38 x 6.5 inches, making it more likely to be mistaken for a router than a premium business desktop — but what really makes this little box stand out is the modular design, which lets you customise the device to your individual requirements without the need for wires, with each module connecting through a USB-like connection.

It’s worth pointing out that the device doesn’t just rest on the intriguing modular concept to attract people, thanks to the technical specs that do more than hold their own against the competition, with a 2.8 GHz i7 processor and 8 GB of RAM leading the charge, and backed up by a 256 GB SSD. There’s also a version with slimmed down specs, so you don’t have to be a power user to justify making the switch to the Elite Slice.

Needless to say, there are various modules available for the device, like a VESA plate for mounting the device; an optical disk drive; and an audio module which comes with three Bang & Olufsen speakers and a dual-microphone array, to make conference calls significantly clearer for both parties. In fact, a whole article could easily be written on the conferencing ability of the Elite Slice, and it’s all down to another configuration option that’s available.

Enter the ‘HP Elite Slice for Meetings’, which includes the aforementioned audio module as well as a ‘HP Collaboration Cover’, that’s seemingly been created to dethrone phones from meeting rooms. It allows for one-touch control of Skype for Business and comes with an SSD by default, and the built in Wi-Fi (also in the non-meeting version) means that you don’t have to be tied to an ethernet port.

In its standard vanilla mode, the Elite Slice is a powerful, space-saving desktop PC that has a premium feel as a result of the minimalistic bronze and black design as well as the formidable components. But of course, it’s the modular nature of this beast that sets it aside from other desktop PCs, and if nothing else it will be interesting to see how this market develops. After all, the Elite Slice has the potential to shift the trajectory of the desktop PC to renewed successes.

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