Monday, 16 January 2017

The HP Z2 Mini: Crafted for CAD

There was a time when CAD (Computer Aided Design) was synonymous with Mac, but with the leaps that the big device manufacturers have made, they’re now chipping away at the market that Apple once monopolised. And it’s easy to see why.

Whether it’s through packing everything behind a screen for an all-in-one or putting together a supercharged ultrabook, OEMs are getting really good at doing more with less and less space. One of HP’s latest trump cards, the Z2 Mini, is a prime example, operating as a CAD-ready workstation that’s as powerful as it is small.

The Z2 Mini is a pocket-sized powerhouse that takes inspiration from a typical business tower PC but slims down to 10% of the size. The tiny body hides a box full of tricks though, with the insides of the Z2 Mini being anything but typical. There are a variety of configuration options available, but, should you choose to, you can have an i7 Quad-Core processor with a 512 GB SSD (or 1.5 TB HDD storage), while still leaving room for 32 GB of RAM. Add in the option for NVIDIA Quadro graphics and you’ve got a device that’s well equipped for creativity.

Speaking of creativity, it shouldn’t be too surprising to learn that the Z2 Mini was designed for designers, specifically being tailored for professionals that are using a range of CAD software on a day to day basis. In line with this, the workstation has been certified for over twenty professional pieces of software such as AutoCAD, Vectorworks, and Microstation.

Don’t forget that this is also a HP product, which means it’s as reliable as they come. It’s tested for 368,000 hours (that’s equal to over 15,000 days) and has been designed as such that there are vents on every corner with the airflow optimised by area to ensure that the device is quiet and cool under pressure.

The Z2 Mini might not be an all-in-one (and thankfully it doesn’t have the price tag either – shop now), but at just 8.5” wide and with a weight of 2 kg, it’s certainly not a desk-hogger. In fact, because of the advanced VESA mounting, you can hang it from the back of monitors or the underside of a desk, as required.

It’s really difficult to not like the Z2 primarily because it tries so hard to please, whether through the various technical variations that are available, or the handy mounting options that you can choose. There’s more still, with the workstation available in Windows 10 Pro (with optional downgrade to Windows 7) or Linux flavours, depending on the user’s needs.

The HP Z2 Mini provides a powerful and compact solution to studios that are looking to update their hardware without breaking the bank. Whether your customer is an engineer, an architect, or a designer, start a conversation about the Z2 next time you speak to them – they won’t be disappointed.

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