Wednesday, 25 January 2017

iQuote version 2: Overview of the new features and functionalities

This week sees the launch of the revamped iQuote version 2 at Westcoast. The platform which is integrated within the Westcoast website, now incorporates an array of new features and benefits.

For those who aren’t aware iQuote is a popular quotation tool that enables channel partners to grow their HPE/HPI business. It gives quick and accurate HP PC and server quotes at the most competitive price.

In this blog I will go over some of the new features and benefits that iQuote version 2 offers to users and at the end are a number of helpful training videos and materials around the tool.

New interface
The new user defined interface is now far more flexible, adaptable and responsive. Based on feedback from users the ability to change screen view has now been included meaning you can choose and switch between square view, branches view and grid view, depending on preference. In addition, iQuote version 2 runs on a new platform designed to deliver faster response times.

Product Selector
It is now easier to select a base unit server or PC, or find the right option with the new product selectors. Use these to narrow search results based on the information you have from the customer.

By selecting from the range of options available, iQuote will intelligently provide quote solutions in the results section that match your requirements. 

Build a solution not just a system
One of the most eye-catching new features built into iQuote version 2 is its ability to generate quotes for an entire solution, not just a system. The tool now has the ability to understand validation rules for different items, for example multiple servers, and can include them all within the same quote.
Users no longer have to export the existing quote and then start a separate quote. Once the first configuration is completed the user simply navigates back to the ‘Add Products’ section at the top of the screen to start a new build. This means users can build full solutions as opposed to being limited to configuring a single standalone server or PC.

The user will then see their builds grouped on the right hand side of the screen and the tool now allows switching between configurations at any time just by clicking in the corresponding box which is outlined in green when live.

Improved support and technical validation
The support level has now been improved and users can now rely on 24x7 assistance irrespective of time zone. It also offers increased technical validation checks meaning the quotes you send to your customers have a greater level of accuracy.

Having tried and tested the new platform myself and after some feedback from our sales floor, our verdict is that the developments should make a big difference for those using the tool on a regular basis. It continues to give those partners without technical or presales teams the ability to quote on complex server and PC configurations for opportunities that might otherwise be lost to the competition.

To view the training videos and user guides click here.
Sign up for the webinar - Introducing iQuote 2. Hosted by channelcentral Click here .
To access the new version of iQuote visit our website and log in .

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