Thursday, 20 July 2017

Introducing Westcoast's New Cloud Development Programme

By Tom Marwood

When Westcoast first started the journey into supplying Cloud products, we promised ourselves that we would do as much as possible to make our partners feel like the most important part of our business. For a long time, the relationship between the Distributor and Reseller has been far too robotic, and with CSP this approach needed to be changed in order for both parties to succeed.

Over the last two years, Westcoast have been driven to make this dream as close to reality as possible, and we'd like to think that, with our hands on approach and award winning service both on the sales and support front, we've delivered on our promise. This doesn't mean that we're going to rest on our laurels however, and we've spent the last few months coming up with something new and exciting which we can now share with you!

I'd like to introduce you all to our wonderful Westcoast Development Programme! It's very difficult to describe exactly what we're looking at providing in a LinkedIn post, but in short it's our way of helping each one of our Resellers grow, by provided them with our own list of awards and benefits based around the amount of Cloud Products you sell.

The requirements are tailored to company size, so even the smallest of Resellers can get the same rewards as the largest - giving every partner a reason to pursue the programme.

To go with all this, it will be up to ourselves to assist you in growing and supporting your business to help you achieve the next level. The rewards themselves are scaled based on ranking too, so rank two's goodies will assist in you getting towards rank three!

The rankings are based on four main points all based around Microsoft and our attached services. The reason behind this is that these main points are also what Microsoft require you to grow towards for their competencies / accreditation's, so by completing our Development Programme you're also growing your business towards a higher Microsoft Competency!

Being part of the programme costs nothing, and just by being a Westcoast reseller and transacting your business through CSP you automatically qualify as being a 1 star partner. To find out where you currently are, or want to know more about the programme as a whole, then please contact either myself, the CSP team ( or visit our brand new website here!

I can't express how proud it makes me to see this idea come to life. This is something that no other Distributor has attempted to do at this level before, and we're more than happy to take on the challenge of making this work! We wanted to start giving more back to our partners, as we wouldn't be where we are without their loyalty, and we feel the best way of doing this would be for Westcoast to dedicate even more time in assisting you all in your Cloud journey!

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