Wednesday, 26 July 2017

HP Elitebook x360 Product Spotlight: Technology meets wizardry

It’s easy to get lost in a labyrinth of options when it comes to finding the perfect laptops for a workforce. Great news then that HP have offered a novel solution to the quagmire of laptop shopping by putting everything you could possibly want into one premium product. Meet the Elitebook x360.

For the purpose of clarity, ‘premium’ in this instance doesn’t mean that the x360 is made from shiny bits of metal that will shatter when you hit the space key a few too many times. That’s because HP have created a sturdy, versatile device that just begs to be used in all of its different forms, but more on that later. Despite the luxury appearance, this isn’t an ornament.

Case in point: the new 7th gen Intel i7-7600U processor gives the device a ridiculous amount of computing power. Pair this with 8GB or 16GB of RAM, and you’ve got a machine that will sail through some of the most demanding tasks that a work day can throw at you. And this is only the start of what the x360 has to offer.

The device is a convertible in just about every sense of the word, with five different modes available for each and every collaboration scenario. Along with the self-explanatory ‘laptop’ and ‘tablet’ modes, you can flip the screen back at a 300-degree angle with the screen positioned upside down and enter ‘tent’ mode, making the display stand out loud and proud for presenting or sharing a video. Another mode of display is simply called ‘media’ which again brings the focus to the screen for streaming video, but the most intriguing option is ‘conference’ mode. This involves having the screen at a 180-degree angle, meaning projects and updates can easily be shared in meetings, while the dual microphones and superb Bang & Olufsen speakers reach everyone nearby.
As you’d expect in a HP business laptop, a lot of time has been put into making the Elitebook x360 as secure as possible. While it’s got all the bells and whistles of a fully-fledged Windows 10 Pro machine like BitLocker encryption and Windows Hello, the Elitebook also has some very smart HP software built in too, in the form of HP Workwise (manage the device through a mobile phone app) and HP Sure View. Every Elitebook x360 has a privacy screen built in, which, thanks to the Sure View software, can be instantly activated with the touch of a button. It’s a huge security feature in a device that’s not short of selling points, and it looks like sorcery when you see it happen.
For those of you who like your devices fine-tuned to your personal tastes, the Elitebook x360 is fully customisable on Westcoast iCreate tool, and it’s also available on a range of flexible finance plans.

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