Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Stay ahead of the curve in gaming with Samsung's new gaming monitors

So they’re up to their ears in RAM, they’ve got a graphics card as powerful as the sun, a super-powered processor, and an SSD that’s faster than Usain Bolt on roller skates. So what’s the modern gamer missing? The answer is right in front of your nose. Like the cruellest of bosses, end-users itch to squeeze every ounce of performance out of their mega machines – often without updating the thing that actually displays the fruits of their labours: the humble monitor.

Until relatively recently monitors were a non-entity in the arms race that is PC gaming, not because they weren’t considered, but because they weren’t available. Things have changed since then, and Samsung’s latest offering is indicative of just how important having the right monitor is. The technology giant doesn’t just raise the bar; rather it straps the bar to a rocket and sends it to new celestial heights.

Take Samsung’s new 27” 144hz curved gaming monitor: it’s the first curved monitor with a one millisecond response time, drastically reducing any motion blur so that the user can easily see what’s going on at all times, without any detail being missed. The display boasts an almost ridiculous 3000:1 contrast ratio, offering up the deepest blacks and brightest whites possibly ever seen by human eyes, and this is sustained throughout gameplay no matter what the environment. Elsewhere, light leakage is promised to be at an absolute minimum thanks to the expertly crafted VA panel, so there’s no need to worry about having an immersive dungeon or night-time race ruined by patches of white in the corner of your shiny new monitor.

In terms of physical design, the most obvious thing to note is that Samsung’s new display is curved, which, considering users will be sat directly in front of the display, is an overwhelmingly positive thing. Unlike curved TVs that punish anyone not sat directly in front of them, this is a non-issue with monitors, especially as this one has been designed with the human field of view in mind, and the consequence of this is that it’s very difficult to go back to a standard monitor afterwards (but then, why would you?).

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