Monday, 19 June 2017

10 steps to increase your StoreOnce sales by up to 35% with NinjaProtected+

By Billy Robinson

Data is the currency of the modern business, and you don’t have to look back as far as Feudal Japan to see what happens to organisations that fall victim to data loss. Despite this though, it’s a fact that customers sometimes struggle to control their backup environment and understand problems like: backups lasting over a week, failures, data retention and that’s why HPE has developed a tool to get backup systems under control: The Ninja Protected+ Assessment.

What is a NinjaProtected+ Backup Assessment?
  • Free, non-invasive assessment tool to analyse customer backup environments
  • Gathers meta-data from your customers existing backup ISV and assesses the overall health of their backup
  • Generates a personalized summary report with insights on their backup environment.
  • Allows you to have a fact-based conversation with your customer about their backup environment

How does it work?

You run an assessment script on a customer’s back up environment and the HPE Ninja Protected team then provides a detailed report and a proposal to replace the current solution with StoreOnce.

What’s in it for you?

With the facts in hand, the close rate on StoreOnce sales goes up by 35%, the time to close a sale is reduced by 90% and the deal value increases 2x. If that is not enough, HPE is offering two incentives until the end of October 2017:
  • $500 for every assessment on backup environments of over 20TB
  • $250 for every StoreOnce system sold as a result

What do you have to do?

NinjaProtected+ 10 steps to success

1. Open discussion on backup time & cost issues and propose free NinjaProtected+ backup assessment to customer.

2. Send requests via email to:

3. Provide Customer information and request collection script(s)

4. Run the collector script on a customer’s backup server (can be run remotely or on-site)

5. Upload the collection file by sending to:

6. Receive generated reports and sizing via email

7. Use import option on the HPE Storage Sizing Tool

8. Schedule a summary review with the customer to present key findings and suggest HPE solution

9. Register at and receive your $500 reward for running each assessment of over 20TB of data

10. When you close a StoreOnce system sale as a result of the assessment, receive $250 per system sold.

As the premier HPE Distribution Partner in the UK Westcoast is the ideal place to bring questions on NinjaProtected+, or any other HPE product for that matter. Our 30 year relationship with them gives us a unique understanding of the entire portfolio and the resources and support we have in place for our reseller partners is second to none.

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