Monday, 5 June 2017

Keep learning with Hewlett Packard Enterprise

This year marks a decade in the existence of the smartphone. This period has revolutionised our relationship to information. Our expectation in our private lives is for whatever information we want, where ever and whenever we want it. This expectation has become a demand, one that hardware and software vendors have responded to, providing ever greater tools for living and enjoyment.

This demand is spreading into all aspects of our lives. Accessibility and flexibility is becoming the norm at work. The anticipation by 2020 is that more people will be connecting wirelessly than by wire in business. Not only does this mean that hardware needs to be of a higher performance and feature level to meet this increased data requirement, but the server, storage and networking infrastructure needs significantly more advanced levels of security to safeguard this new way of working.

Business can more readily afford this extra investment as they can see the returns in the short term. One area that traditionally struggles in this regard is education. For our society to fully benefit from this increasing availability and adaptability of knowledge, it stands to reason that those in education are most in need of access.

HPE meet this demand in education at the correct price point through its Aruba networking portfolio.

Aruba utilises the same wireless access point hardware range in deployments from the smallest of small businesses to the largest of enterprise networks. The differences between the two extremes is down to how it is provisioned. By using the Aruba Instant solution, all performance tweaking, management and security features are housed on the access points themselves, as opposed to being distributed amongst different appliances, as in more complex deployments. Whilst the option exists for full in depth configuration, by default there is a simple, visually informative, GUI which enable a novice to set up a highly performing secure network within minutes and continue to monitor and adapt it as necessary.

In education establishments this means that teachers and pupils have full access to the latest, most informative, immersive and entertaining applications however they need it. This is achieved with the performance and security of enterprise grade products, but without the traditional overhead and ongoing costs. Existing IT staff can easily deploy and run the solution, remotely if necessary, without extensive training, further saving costs.

The Aruba Instant solution is deployed nationwide in schools, hospitality outlets and even our largest supermarket brands.

As with the smart phone, this technology is now democratised. Everyone can benefit from it, enriching ours, and our children’s futures.

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