Friday, 12 May 2017

Cheating the Cheaters

Fellowes Guest Post

Raising the Standards of Computer-Based Testing

Exam season is here! And with more and more schools, colleges and universities using computers for tests cheating is on the up. What are you doing to cheat the cheaters?

Back in the day, when most of us were at school, the most sophisticated means of cheating in a test was to spend a fruitless evening copying notes on to your forearm, or hope that you were seated next to a clever kid so you could surreptitiously peer over your neighbour’s shoulder. Low-tech solutions for a low-tech school environment. What happens, though, when you introduce computers into the examination hall?

Technology has been fully embraced by the educational system, with laptops and tablets frequently taking the place of text books, work books, and shared project spaces, but now that computer-based testing has moved into the exam room it’s bringing a whole lot of problems along with it, and the would-be cheat has never had it so good.

With rows of temptingly illuminated screens open before them, taking a peek at someone else’s work can be difficult to resist, even for pupils with the highest moral code. You might not want to cheat; it may never even have crossed your mind to do so, but when you’re gazing across the room, deep in thought and trying to dredge up a difficult answer from the depths of your over-stuffed cranium, how do you stop your eyes from alighting on the screen of one of your peers? All of a sudden that difficult answer just leaps into your mind, it’s practically osmosis! It’s hardly surprising that 64% of students admit to cheating on a test*.

Of course, some of this can be overcome by the clever spacing of desks, but how many schools, colleges and universities have rooms big enough to accommodate such clever spacing? Especially at peak testing time when you have every pupil to work through.

It was with this in mind that Fellowes® created the PrivaScreen™ Blackout Privacy Filters. The clip-on screen guards allow users a perfectly clear, uninterrupted view, while obscuring the screen from every other angle. Available for tablets, as well as laptops and desktops, the PrivaScreen can be used to keep all prying eyes away, whether in the class room, exam hall, or for confidential business documents when working in a public space.

Now, we don’t want to be party poopers, and some might argue that finding ways to cheat is all part of growing up… With the PrivaScreen we’re just setting the ingenuity bar that little bit higher.

Fellowes PrivaScreen privacy filters are available to purchase from Westcoast. Click here to buy now.


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