Friday, 19 May 2017

9 Ways to Find New Business on Linkedin

By Sian Walsh

Did you know that LinkedIn launched in 2003? No, me neither! I've been a LinkedIn Member since 2012 and at the time I thought I was quite new to the party - it turns out I was actually quite a late adopter.

At the time of joining Linkedin I had recently finished uni and was looking for my first proper job. Having stumbled across this 'new' platform it seemed it would be the perfect place to showcase myself, network with professionals and get on the job search.

5 years on and times have changed I've got a great job at Westcoast and i'm far from looking for a new one, yet I find myself spending a large proportion of my day on Linkedin. But why am i on Linkedin so much i hear you ask..

Well.. Linkedin is now one of the largest professional networks around and has come on leaps and bounds since it's launch, and even more so in the last few years. No longer just an online job search and recruitment platform Linkedin now offers a whole host of features providing a wealth of new opportunities for business.

If you're not quite sure what these opportunities are or don't believe me then take a look at these 9 ways to find new business on Linkedin...

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