Monday, 5 September 2016

The latest news from CSP this September

By Tom Marwood - Senior Cloud Solutions Specialist 

The first year of CSP was met with an amazing reception through Westcoast, and Microsoft have decided the time is right to release a world of new SKUs upon the market! From the start of September, there are several new options coming to the world of CSP, many of which we are sure will help you drive business through this fantastic Microsoft model.

Educational and Academic SKUs are now here!
We’ll start with the most important news: Educational and Academic SKUs are now here! We’ve spent the best part of 6 months begging for Microsoft to give us this option, and they finally have. A huge range of SKUs are now live although, it is worth checking with us on whether or not the exact plan you’re after is something Microsoft offer through Education, as not all products will be available.

Hassle-free customer moves
Even better news is that if you’re looking at moving your current customers over from direct to CSP on Education, the simple process from before also works now! So you can move your customers over and onto the CSP platform with no hassle at all. Always good news if you ask me!

Arrival of Windows 10 on E3
Seeing as I’m on a roll, now is a good time to mention that Windows 10 on E3 will also be arriving this month. This was briefly mentioned at the start of WPC in July, and had since gone very quiet --however it’s now launched and can be offered via the monthly model.

CSP Marketplace launching soon!
That’s not all! Don’t forget that our CSP Marketplace will be launching soon! This will give all of our current partners transacting CSP through us the ability to manage and support end-users through one panel. If you’re as eager as me and can’t wait then don’t worry – we can offer this platform as early access for you to get to grips with it. Just throw an email over to the Cloud Team and we’ll get a demo set up for you!

If you have any questions on the above topics, or just fancy finding out how CSP through Westcoast can benefit your business moving forward then you can register for our upcoming intro to CSP webinars here.

Or feel free to contact our wonderful Cloud Team who can give you all of the information required to get you started on 0333 003 1701.

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