Thursday, 9 April 2015

Finally, the dry-eraseboard has evolved – bring your team collaboration into the 21st century

Whilst the rest of the office is constantly evolving in line with the latest technology that's available for businesses, there's one legacy piece that's tied to the meeting room struggling to keep up – the dry-eraseboard.

With the increase in remote workers and our demand for 'anytime, anywhere' technologies, today's ideation tools simply can't facilitate the new world workplace that is rapidly moving away from the stereotypical 'around the whiteboard' meetings.

The traditional dry erase board is proving even more inefficient when it comes to then transposing those meeting room notes into something tangible that the whole team can benefit from. Many of us try, (and fail!) to grab a fairly decent photo of the scribbled board that's totally glare free and in focus in order to mail to colleagues.

We leave important data to the mercy of PLO and DO NOT ERASE and hope Friday's cleaner hasn't got carried away with the disinfectant spray creating a beautiful watercolour!

That is until now...

SmartKapp is finally reinventing the dry-erase board to improve collaboration and allows you to capture, save and share information from anywhere.

Text and drawings are captured digitally and shared in a simple way to a mobile device, tablet or PC. In essence, it functions just like a traditional dry-erase board with a dry-erase pen and erasure – you simply pick up the dry-erase pen and start writing!

But that is by far the only thing that the traditional dry-eraseboard has in common with SmartKapp - The clever stuff is what happens next...

The SmartKapp Mobile app allows you to capture your collaborative ideas to your phone or tablet. With one click of the board, you can capture content in high-quality image or PDF files at anytime you decide and save via USB or to a mobile device - ensuring dry-erase data is secure.

Inspiration and ideas happen in real-time so why shouldn't your dry-erase board?

Only with Smartkapp, you can share what you are drawing instantly with others via weblink in real-time to the team sitting right in front or your remote teams around the globe. Gone are the days when innovation and ideas are confined to the boardroom and SmartKapp allows remote workers to feel part of the team as they are no longer isolated from the creativity.

And what's more, your work lives on even after the board's erased. You can upload your session to your favourite cloud service and then access anywhere so you can really engage with your ideas and look review how they have grown over time.

No IT resources are required to install SMART kapp – just mount to the wall, plug in the cable, download the smart kapp app to your mobile and start writing!

Whatever your challenge, wherever your team, SmartKapp helps you collaborate better and that means better work, more efficient brain-storming, and faster breakthroughs.

If you would you like to learn more about SmartKapp, why not request a demo here.

Westcoast Trade Customer? Purchase the SmartKapp dry-erase board today. 

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