Monday, 19 December 2016

HP: Developing devices that pack a punch for power users

By Brendan Loughrey

In an increasingly mobile world, users are bowled over by the capabilities of new tablets and laptop PCs on the market. And for some, these devices are the perfect solution to their computing needs. However, some business users simply need more power, and only an HP Workstation can give it to them.

The latest range of HP Z Workstations are equipped to handle critical application, complex data and design. Enabling users to innovate without limits, expanding as their workflow grows. At Westcoast, we think HP’s latest Z Workstation range – which includes both traditional desktops and laptops – is a cut above the rest thanks to its superior technology and partnerships. It’s simply setting new standards.

So what makes the Z range so special? It uses HP Z Turbo G2 [generation two] drives which have four times the speed of a standard Sata SSD. The desktops also support a Quad Pro, which allows you to put four drives into one PCIe slot. But what makes this range even cooler (if that’s even possible!), is that HP has utilised an exciting technology from the automotive world on its new Z Book range. They’ve collaborated with BMW on air flow and utilised the technology BMW puts in its engines to keep them cool in their very own workstations. This means they run at cooler temperatures so the failure rate is much lower than competitors. So it’s no wonder why power users are now flocking to get their hands on one! For them, time is money. They simply can’t afford to have any down time.

So to meet the demands, HP has promised that their Workstations have been put through the paces, undergoing 115,000 hours of testing, passing military standard assessments for its drop, vibration, shock, dust and humidity endurance. These are serious product credentials that channel partners can leverage to really deliver a difference.

Since the key selling point of the Z range is its overall reliability and complete customer satisfaction, it’s worth mentioning that there are a whole host of software houses producing powerful software packages on HP Workstations. This is a powerful message for any reseller to take to market: The very software packages that these power-users rely on are in fact, developed on HP Workstations!

So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on some seriously cool and fully capable devices today!

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