Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Boost Your Margins With HPE Server Deal Registration Changes

As of June the 1st Platinum, HPE Gold, Silver and Business Partners can benefit from an increased amount of discount for New Business Opportunities (NBO) formerly known as Partner for Growth. The Look Back period has also been shortened to 6 months, previously it was 2 years.

From 1st June, any HPE Silver Partners and Business Partners can now benefit from an increased percentage deal registration discount of 10% on Standard Server (ISS) product lines and will now also benefit from a larger discount of 20% on Strategic product lines.

In addition to the above percentages, the Look Back Period on how new deals are qualified, remains at 6 months. Therefore any deal which is Net New will earn the additional margin. This 6 month Look Back also remains for Servers, Storage and Networking until the end of October.

The changes will serve to protect and reward partners in their efforts to drive new business and strategic opportunities for HPE. The key changes are as follows:

Upfront Deal Registration Discount
To drive additional Sever (ISS) sales and reward the partner community, HPE Silver Partners and Business Partners will gain percentage deal registration discounts of 10% on Standard product lines and 20% on Strategic product lines.

The qualifying Look Back Period criteria for net new business will remain at 6 months for Servers, Storage and Networking.

For any queries regarding the NBO please call us on 0118 912 6000 or email sales@westcoast.co.uk

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