Thursday, 4 February 2016

Thin, but not light – the new HP t730 caters for heavy content needs

As the cloud-based computing architecture has advanced, Thin Clients have played an increasing role in business tech. Carving a niche in high-performance sectors, such as financial services, oil/gas, digital media, and engineering, the Thin Client provides easy access and secure computing power through virtual desktop provision. While the benefits of this set up are patently clear – reduced costs, enhanced security, simple manageability, and optimal scalability – Thin Clients do have their drawbacks; image quality often suffers; add-ons and extra features are habitually required to maximise performance; they can be complicated to upgrade; and the pre-loaded software is frequently sub-par. The new HP t730 sets out to redress the balance.

Created to be the Thin Client free from ‘add-ons, extras, and optional features’, the t730 is HP’s most powerful to date, thanks in no small part to the integrated AMD quad-core processor. Delivering an advanced graphics performance, the t730 is capable of driving four displays at the new UHD/4K resolution standard, and six displays with an optional AMD FirePro™ graphics card, without skimping on the pixels. The Turbo Core technology of the AMD R-Series™ accelerates CPU performance up to 3.6 GHz, so the system is able to handle the highest frame rate with astonishing clarity. And the improvements don’t stop there.

Unlike the majority of its contemporaries, the t730 comes with Windows 10 embedded, so straight from the box you have access to a wealth of acclaimed operating system features, and as Microsoft intends for Windows 10 to be the last numbered base version of Windows, the system will automatically update without the need for pricey improvements as the next generations come along. 
Unified across all devices, Windows 10 allows users to seamlessly access and integrate files across various platforms, and thanks to the new compression system, not a byte of storage space is wasted. With improved power management, intuitive interface, and enhanced file management systems, Windows 10 seems like the perfect companion for the HP t730; getting the best performance from this already high-performing hardware.

Designed to not just support current business needs, but to help futureproof essential company tech for as long as possible, the HP t730 also boasts serial, parallel, PS/2, and USB ports, plus a PCI Express x8 low profile expansion slot – in other words, HP have done all that they can to make sure that this Thin Client is the Thin Client for the savvy business shopper.

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