Thursday, 3 September 2015

Attention Educators – It's time to graduate to a professional document-management system with Fujitsu

There is never more of a need for technological innovation than within the classroom. After all, our entire lives are digitized and as the children of the digital age grow and develop, technology is forever entwined with their learning throughout their education.

But how about something to actually enhance the learning experience for the teachers as well....?

Education institutions are under growing pressure to offer the most advanced teaching and collaboration methods, as well as continuous improvement in teaching and feedback methods, to provide an enhanced and appealing student experience.

By graduating to a professional document-management system schools, colleges and universities alike can move to the head of the class!

Let's take a look at how Fujitsu's document and image scanning solutions are paving the way to greater efficiency and educating with ease.

From small footprints to high-speed options, Fujitsu is meeting the needs of educators in schools, colleges and universities and innovating at every stage in the education journey.

By easily digitizing documents and converting them into PDFs, their scanners allow teachers and professors to:

Use Cases...

  1. Instantly access term papers, research findings & other key documents
  2. Scan in student drawings and use on a school web site
  3. Scan and email PDF files, such as grading reports, to students’ parents
  4. Print out a term paper, make notes and then scan straight to PDF – ready to post or send!
  5. Scan book pages and mark relevant sections for classes
  6. Collaborate on documents with your students – then scan them in for easy sharing
  7. Save time and be more efficient with professional scanners
Key Benefits...

  • Easy electronic distribution via email

  • Eliminates wasteful printing and distribution costs (great for any establishment and today's society is all about 'going green'!)

  • Lowers physical labour and storage costs (another obvious appeal in today's schools where cost-savings are paramount)

  • Both student and teacher can create a digital preservation of their work whilst protecting and archiving crucial documents

And, with Fujitsu scanners handling the paper load, all these benefits contribute to the most crucial part of education....

Teachers can focus on teaching and students can focus on learning

By implementing digital working practices including the scanning and digitisation of material schools, colleges and universities will very quickly see the benefits brought about from the enhanced collaboration between staff members, pupils and parents.

And the innovation and efficiency doesn't just end at the classroom door – there are all sorts of 'back office' paperwork and correspondence that needs to be co-ordinated within education. Fujitsu scanners also allow the speedier capture of correspondence such as permission slips, catering requests, HR material, bursaries (the list is endless but so is the opportunity!)

Here at Westcoast, we provide the most comprehensive range of Fujitsu scanners including their one-button, easy to use ScanSnap models. Take a look at the range and educate your education customers in the benefits of enhanced collaboration in the classroom.

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