Thursday, 25 May 2017

The new Surface Pro is here – and you need it in your life

By Phil Lamplugh

I had the benefit of attending the Surface Partner Briefing event yesterday. Given the recent spate of announcements, there was no shortage of things to talk about. But it was the new Surface Pro that was the main conversation piece.

Having seen it in the flesh, the first thing to report is as that in terms of appearance it looks very similar to a Surface Pro 4, and that’s not a bad thing – why change what works? Still, Microsoft are being very clear that this isn’t a Surface Pro 5 – there’s no more talk of a ‘tablet that replaces your PC’; instead, the new Surface Pro is touted as ‘the most versatile laptop’, and when you take a look at the components it’s easy to see why.

Through what I can only assume is magic, Microsoft have managed to squeeze up to 50% more battery life of the new device compared to the Pro 4, translating to over 13 hours of video playback. If end-users are lucky to be working in an occupation where they’re paid to watch videos, then firstly this means that the device can power through a workday with ease, and secondly, I’m very, very jealous.

Microsoft have overhauled the cooling system to such a degree that the m3 and i5 variations are fanless, meaning that they’ll be completely silent, even in this uncharacteristically hot weather that we’re having at the moment. It should go without saying, but the Surface Pro will also be using Intel’s latest Kaby Lake processors.

Here’s the important stuff: Westcoast can now take pre-orders for the Surface Pro, but, as with all new product launches, stock is limited. If you’re a DMP, then you can order this from us today for release. The products are due to ship on the 15th of June, and to avoid disappointment it’s best to order sooner rather than later. You can do this by going to your Account Manager direct, or calling 0118 912 6000. You can also email and we’ll put you through to the right person.

This next bit might have flown under the radar slightly during the initial announcement, but it’s worth knowing that it’s not just the base hardware that’s changed, as there’s also a more luxury type-cover available for users to purchase. It’s made of Alcantara fabric, which is more resistant to dirt and spills, which is always a good thing. These new covers are expected to ship on the 30th of June, but they’re available to order now in Platinum, Blue, Burgundy, and Aqua variants.

Finally, there’s also a new pen! On top of cosmetic changes, (ditching the clip, slight change of shape), the sensitivity has quadrupled so it’s more responsive than ever before. These are going to be coming slightly after the cases and aren’t available to order just yet, but we’ll be sure to update you when they are. Again, they’re available in a range of different colours.

That’s probably just about enough new information now, but the next steps for DMPs is to start talking to customers (particularly those who are still using the Surface Pro 3) and to get your orders in. To speak for the whole team for a minute, we’re really excited for the whole Surface family – there’s a lot going on, and lots of opportunity available – we look forward to hearing the success stories.!

You can reach the team by emailing – get in touch for advice, support, or just to give us some feedback.

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